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1. Entry deadlines will be strictly adhered to. Entries received after entry closing will not be accepted.

2. All entries must be on the provided entry forms. The particulars called for on these forms must be fully supplied and written in clear, legible writing, and properly signed by the Exhibitor or his duly authorized agent. In the case of purebred animals, a copy of the registration paper must be provided.

3. All animals must be brought out for judging or parade purposes whenever required by the committee or their officials. Exhibitors or their employees not complying with this or any other rule, shall, if so desired by the Directors, forfeit all prizes awarded them and the right to exhibit at all future exhibitions of the Association.

4. All animals brought onto the grounds must be provided with some means of secure fastening and must be placed where indicated.

5. Tampering with cattle: Unnatural practices in fitting will not be tolerated and all cattle entered for competitions shall be presented in the show ring in their natural conformation and natural physical condition.

6. All exhibitors must have their animals in by the times specified in the Prize List. All exhibitors must, at all times, give necessary attention to all animals they have on exhibit and take entire charge of the same.

7. All animals may be submitted to a Veterinarian’s examination on entering the grounds and may be re-examined by a Veterinarian at any time and his/her recommendations must be acted upon.

8. No animals having a contagious or infectious disease shall be allowed to occupy any stall in the building or be permitted to enter the Exhibition grounds. If any animal has been admitted through an oversight, suffering from any such disease, the committee shall immediately order its removal.

9. All property of every character entered for competition or display or any other purpose shall be subject to the control of the Management; but in no case shall any one or all of the Association, Directors or Manager be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury of any character to any such property while same is on the Exhibition Grounds at any time.

10. The most careful and thorough arrangements possible have been made to guard against fire and ensure security. If property owners desire protection against loss or injury from fire or from any other cause, they must make arrangements therefore. Though the Association will take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of exhibitors or articles sent to Harvest Showdown, it is distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them and should any exhibit be accidentally destroyed, lost or stolen, the Association will give all the assistance in its power towards the recovery of same, but will not be responsible for the value thereof.

11. The Association, its officials & employees will use their best endeavors to avoid any mishap on grounds or in buildings, but they will not hold themselves responsible for any accident, injury or damage suffered by persons or property while on premises.

12. The Association assumes no responsibility whatsoever to exhibits or any goods, chattels, and/or animals brought upon the grounds whether such exhibitors have been licensed to do so or not, and all such goods, chattels, and/or animals are entirely at the owners’ risk. The Association will not be responsible for any injury or claim of any kind made by anyone while on Association premises.

13. If damage, loss or injury to person or property, shall be caused by reason of any neglect or willful act of any person, firm or corp. or their agent, representatives, servants or employees having license or privilege to exhibit on said Exhibition Grounds or occupying any space thereon, the Yorkton Exhibition Association Ltd. shall indemnify the said Association.

14. Exhibitors of animals, machinery in motion and other exhibits liable to occasion accidents, injury or damage to persons coming into contact with them, shall guard their exhibits and protect the public from coming in contact therewith, and every such exhibitor shall indemnify the Association from and against all claims and demands, by reason of any accident or of any person being injured or suffering damage or by reason of such exhibit not being properly guarded or the public not being protected therefrom.

15. The Management reserves the right to remove from the grounds any exhibit, animal, stand or show that may be falsely entered, or may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable, without assigning a reason therefore, and if necessary, to return any money already paid for any unexpired term for space or stalls, which shall exonerate them from any claim whatsoever on the part of the exhibitor or purchaser.

16. All dogs must be on a leash. No dogs allowed in Gallagher Centre Lobby/Flexi Hall. Responsible dog owners rules apply.

17. All owners of property, or others having same in charge, shall care for, guard, protect and preserve the same, as the Exhibition Association does not undertake to do so, and it shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to said property.

18. All sale money and prize money awarded shall be paid out to the winner(s) by cheque no later than 21 days past the closing date of the Show.